#1 Gender Identity is not Māori Culture

By: Mana Wāhine Korero

22 August 2021

In this first video, Michelle challenges the erroneous claim that gender identity ideology has ‘always been’ a part of Māori Culture and calls upon whānau to scrutinise this movement and question anyone who makes false claims about Tīpuna and Māoritanga.

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  1. Colette
    Colette says:

    Well done for speaking out. I feel this whole trans movement is some kind of mass hysteria. Dissatisfaction with one’s body, especially when we are young, is nothing new. But yes, wear a dress, wear a suit and tie, wear his or her’s undies on your head for all I care, but no one was ASSIGNED a gender at birth, that is biology. And when you reach the age, with consent, you can have sex with any gender you fancy, that is, if you haven’t stuffed up your body with unnecessary drugs and physical intervention. Learn to live as you wish with the healthy body you were born into and allow the medical people more space, time and energy to work on those with real physical health needs.

    I don’t think the Taliban example of defining women was a good one, God forbid that they would be the deciders, but I know what you meant.

    Women are the biological beings that bring forth ALL human life from their amazing bodies. No human being was ever brought forth from the rib of man. Sure, we need men in order to continue the species but boys/men, you cannot be us. And girls/women, you can never be them. Your bodies are fine. It is your psychological processing that needs attention. And no man in a dress, calling himself a woman, should be given access to the private spaces of women. 2021 and here I am, once again, attempting to have women’s rights recognised.


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