While we are told birth certificate laws are just about making it easy and less embarrassing for trans people to provide official identification that matches their internal feelings –  under gender identity ideology, it goes further than that – a change in identity now guarantees access to single sex spaces and services – regardless of the feelings of people born into that sex.

Jan Logie, Green MP, gave an excellent speech this week on income inequalities and those doing it tough in the Covid era. How does this impact on women, especially those living in the most precarious situations?

Almost four decades of neoliberalism has hit New Zealand beneficiaries hard, especially large numbers of solo mothers on benefits. They have become the most demonised of beneficiaries, as seen in the impact of sanctioning parents (96% of whom are women) for failing to name the other parent of their child.

Farah Palmer Cup and Olympic Women’s 7s

It’s incredible that the Government is happy to waste so much political capital on laws for which no cogent case has been made.

In the month that Women’s Liberation Aotearoa launches its new website, it seems fitting to recall those feminists who went before us.

Neo-liberalism has been in the driving seat for almost forty years.